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The 3 mistakes of my life

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The 3 mistakes of my life

Finally, I finished the book ‘The 3 Mistakes of my life’. It’s India’s most famous author Chetan Bhagat’s third novel published in 1st January 2008. It’s Chetan’s another formidable work in Indian literature. This book encourages and influences to indian young generation to make their dreams and ambitions. But I think It’s Chetan’s one of the best contemplative and thoughtful work where he expressed his religious faith to all religion and Narrated Hindu-Muslim religious conflict in the country. Also, I believe he wanted from bottom of his Heart to alleviate this religious riot by his writing. But with sorrow, I think most of the readers who wrote review of this book, avoided this main thing and just keeped their focus on other things. I don’t know is it their inadvertency or stumble from truth? Hope, It’s just their lack of careness not stumbling to disbelief.

Well, the author said about his book ‘The 3 mistakes of my life’, A story about Business, Cricket and Religion. And The story of the book is based on mainly three character’s who are friend’s. But along with them some other’s character’s come stap by stap who are also very important.

So, before beginning the book the author got a mail from one of the charrectetrs. His name is Govind Patal. Actually he is the narrator of the story to the author in this book. When he sent this email to author he was a death passenger at a hospital. He was disappointed of his life and wanted to kill himself by some pills. But what’s the reason of his seeking to commit sucide? Let’s see…

Govin,Ish (Ishan), and omi, they’re three friends. They haven’t any work without chatting and watching cricket at omi’s house after finishing their school life. But among them Govind and ish’s had different dreams and passions.Omi is a priest’s son. So, generally he had no dream or goal. Although he is always with his friends Govind and ish at any work or war. Beside that, Govind has a dream that one-day he will be a big businessman, and Ish, his all dedication and devotion is cricket. Also he is one of the best player in his balrampur pol (colony) at gujrat.

After that, In the meantime Govind persuaded his two friends to business. Initially, an argue arrived in their opinion that what business they can run, but then everybody has agreed to start a cricket sports shop, and then according to the plan they had rent and opened the omi’s parent’s shop right inside the swami Temple. At this moment a new character arrives in the story. The character is omi’s Bitto mama (maternal uncle). He is a strict hindu fanatic. He hate muslims and all religions. Basically, his master parekh-ji conduct him. Parekh-ji is a senior Hindu party leader. And he heads the biggest Temple Trust in Baroda. Eventually, he is the man who distract his party and ordinary Hindu peoples to destroy babri masque and establish the ram mandir in that Place at Ayuddha. Also, who encouragers Hindu people to kill the Muslim in riots.

As far as I understand that it was very difficult for Chetan to write about religiouns with balancing where are people’s conflicted one to another. And which is burnt the cordiality and unity of india.

However, this is how the story is runnig. Govind, Ish and Omi established their shop day by day. At that moment, came to the story two new role. Ali and Vidya. Ali is a muslim kid who has god gifted cricket sence power. He is capable to hit all balls six. But his all desire is playing marble all the time. He Don’t want to play cricket ever. But Ish takes him, takes his talents for his future. Ish want to teach cricket to ali. And for this think he Goes to ali’s Father and talks to him about Ali. Ish gave his all own dreams,energy and future in ali’s cricket career, on a talent Muslim kid. Ish dreamed, one-day Ali will play in indian national team. Ish tells his friend’s about ali ‘He is India’s treasure’.

Also, anothet charecter with Ali is Vidya. she is sister of ish. Her medical entrance examination is only few months away. But she is very dumb in mathematics. So, Ish appeals to his friend Govind for teaching math’s to her sister. Initially, Govind refused ish. But after some arguing Govind agreed. And that moment of this story is very romantic. Vidya falls in love with Govind, and which is dragged them until sex. not only one more, but it happen Ninth time in only two months.
And I have to say, It’s a very crucial strategy of Chetan that he gave twist his readers with some sexs. That i noted from his another two books, which are Five Point Someone and One Night At The Call Center.

So, this is a brief summery of this book. And now particularly I’ll discuss the major point of the book, That is Chetan’s religious thought and message. Actually, he takes such a compulsory thing (religion) for his novel, that is very significant for this country. People take their weapons for Their religious faith. For the past 30/40 years the world has seen there situation. How people are oppressed there? And clearly, how some extremist Hindu group abused Their neighbour Muslims!! So, It was needed that no priest or not any maulana but There is another one will talks about this things, Youths know him and love him. And chetan As a writer/artist takes the chance and speaks of neutral religious sympathy. And I believe, though a little but this book help people to think about another religions to their own purpose. especially, the ruling majority to abandoned minorities of india.

From my view, It’s a remarkable work to the readers for some basic reasons.
1. If anybody ask you that why i shoud read the book?
After reading, you will say If you want to be ambitious, then you must read the book.
2.It’s a book that tells our real life stories.
3. The book gives message to the readers, that life is important for my own. Sometimes, there will be storms in life, but not to be desperate or freak. Just Keep faith on yourself and go ahead.
4. Religion doesn’t matter to help and love people of other religion. so on..

But, that’s all for the time being. I’ll come up with a review of new book.

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