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Cottage Industries are on the verge of facing stake

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Our traditional cottage industries are now at stake. The main reasons are unmitigable demands of raw materials like bamboo, cane, jute, reeds etc and the increasing uses of plastic made domestic things. Slowly our craftsmen also compelled to change their occupation too and start trying to cope with the changed situations. These handicrafts are now seen to be displayed and sold during local fairs like Pahela Baishakh and others. In some areas, it is very hard to find out these very special things. In Sandwip, a cane is about to be extinct. Bamboo is following, but slightly in slow speed. It’s because we are now in a trend of getting quick profits from planting something, even in the case of gardening. Besides, old bushes and jungle-like phenomena are cleaned for planting profitable plants. We now need only money, and money, again money in exchange for wood, fruits and fruits.

These handicrafts are safe for our health and environment but plastic made things which we now use widely, are not safe at all. We should take pragmatic steps to survive our cottage industries.

MH Kaoser, the writer of this article claimed himself to be a first executive officer of a private Bank in Swandip.

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