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In remembrance of George Stinney

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Niaz Mahmud : George Stinney Jr, of African descent, was the youngest person to be executed in the 20th century in the United States.
This young black boy was only 14 years old when the American Judiciary system sentenced him death and execution by an electric chair.
After 70 years, his innocence had just been officially recognized by a judge in South Carolina.
From his trial to the execution room, the boy always had his Bible in his hands while claiming his innocence.
George was unfairly accused of murdering two White girls (Betty 11 and Mary 7), whose bodies had been found not far from the house where the boy and his parents lived. At that time, all the members of the jury were white. The trial lasted for over 2 and a half hours, and the jury made the decision of his sentence after 10 minutes.
The boy’s parents, threatened, were restrained from taking part in the trial after being ordered to leave the city.
Before getting the most unlawful decision as his trial, Stinney spent 81 days in detention without the possibility of seeing his parents for the last time. He was imprisoned alone in his cell, 80 kilometres from his hometown. At the time of his hearing of the most vulnerable facts, he had no one and faced it alone, without the presence of even his parents or a lawyer. All the presence were denied! George’s electrocution charge was 5,380 volts on his head. We let you imagine what such an electric shock can have on a young child’s head. Many Americans still knee down at the time of their National Anthem just in remembrance of George stinney! He, the innocent George stinney is the teen who was killed brutally in the 20th still makes America cry!

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