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The 3 mistakes of my life

The 3 mistakes of my life A review by KAWSAR MAHMUD Finally, I finished the book 'The 3 Mistakes of my life'. It's India’s most famous author Chetan Bhagat's third novel published in 1st January 2008. It's Chetan's another formidable work in Indian literature. This book encourages and influences to indian young

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This World ? Lily Swarn Poetry (Editor’s choice)

A world of predators and stalkers Of child abusers and incestuous wolves Of unsafe homes for little ones Of men who lie in wait with tantalising baits Of the rape of innocence Of the murder of trust Of faith falling to abysmal lows Of fear ruling the roost Of bomb scares and hypocrite godmen Of war walking in the streets

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Cottage Industries are on the verge of facing stake

Our traditional cottage industries are now at stake. The main reasons are unmitigable demands of raw materials like bamboo, cane, jute, reeds etc and the increasing uses of plastic made domestic things. Slowly our craftsmen also compelled to change their occupation too and start trying to cope with the changed

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